Sleepy Creek Presents is Closed Indefinitely

Alright Sleepy Creek Family. I know we've been keeping you in the dark and we apologize, but it's been dark on our end too. I wish we had better news to deliver but we don't. Effective immediately, Sleepy Creek Presents will be suspending all operations indefinitely. There are a ton of factors contributing to this decision. Listing them all would be overkill. Plus I'm sure all you really want to hear is that your refund is on the way, or that Jerry Garcia has risen from the Dead and playing SpringDig. Well, neither of those things are happening, at least anytime soon However, some silver lining will remain. 

With that said, the venue will continue to operate as a fully functioning private campground (just like they did before we ever arrived), and all future events will now be hosted (and funded) directly through the campground and its members themselves. These events will revert back to being invite-only, as all public events must cease to exist. In addition, if you are not a member of the campground, you will not be allowed to enter the grounds without a proper invite. Please keep in mind that this is how the campground always operated, long before they graciously opened their doors to all us outsiders, or even once considered allowing any sort of public events, especially one as crazy as ours! 

So, as for all the refunds still outstanding, that is something that will have to be worked out through MissionTix on an individual basis. They are still trying their best to refund thousands upon thousands of tickets from various events throughout 2020. We are just a small dent in their overall debt. Unfortunately I cannot provide any additional updates here. However, I do apologize that we are all forced to be in this position. But I also refuse to believe that they will never attempt to make things right. Let's just pray I'm not crazy! 

So. What's next? I could continue rambling for sure, and pour my hear out like you know me best, but I digress. We must embrace this like any other change. It sucks, but its not the end of the world. There are plenty of other venues still operating, even some without a guarantee of rain lol! And maybe, just maybe, someday things will change for the better. But for now, let's please take the time to thank all those that helped make our memories at Sleepy Creek special, especially our underpaid/overworked crew, and even more so, the campground owners Cyndi and Dave. These guys went above and beyond in supporting our cause, ALWAYS! We would have never existed if it weren’t for them. So please, know that we tried our best, and that we all thank you for all your overwhelming support. It always meant the world to us, and more. For it was only through our collective efforts that Sleepy Creek could ever be remembered as one of the best small festivals this side of the Mississippi! 


- Danny Moore – Director of Operations