For All Non-Event Related Questions Please Contact the Campground Owners Directly by Clicking HERE

Where are the festivals located?
The festivals are located at Sleepy Creek on the Potomac off River Road in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. The campground does not have an actual mailing address, so it is recommended that you use only the directions we provide. Many GPS devices will not get you here. Also, please do not confuse Sleepy Creek on the Potomac with Sleepy Creek Campground at the Wildlife Preserve. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS!

What is the camping arrangement like?
Our camping is designed for camping with your vehicle. You camp where you park. We offer a few areas to do so. The main camping area is to the right of the entrance in the large music meadow touching the main stage. Overflow camping is located to the left after entering the venue. We do offer a special family camp area adjacent to the playground, and additional areas for quiet camping. If you don't have a vehicle you are free to set up a tent in any public camping areas, including those mentioned above. The only areas off-limits for camping are the private lots rented by private campground members. Please show respect and do not trespass upon these lots. MAPS WILL BE AVAILABLE UPON ENTRY!

Can I bring my RV or Camper?
For an additional $25 you can camp with your RV or Camper at Sleepy Creek. Unfortunately we do not offer any hookups. Small, quiet generators are welcome. Most sites are located along the edge of the music meadow. Once that fills you will be placed in overflow camping. RV Fees are Cash Only at the Gate. Space is first come first serve upon arrival, with plenty of space to go around. 

Are pets allowed?
If you must bring your pet, they are allowed at an extra fee of $10 per pet. However, we recommend you leave them behind unless they are accustomed to this type of environment. A festival experience is not for every pet. Also, the staff reserves the right to refuse any pet. You will be required to leash and clean up after your pet. We will also not tolerate aggressive pets, or irresponsible pet owners, and reserve the right to remove you and your pet from the campground at any time.

Is there quiet camping/family camping?
Yes. We offer limited family camping conveniently adjacent to our playground. This area is reserved for families only. Once it fills you will be directed to quiet camping, which is located in the overflow camping area.

Are there activities for the kids?
We have plenty for the kids to do at Sleepy Creek! The venue has a large built-in playground, plus an additional kid-friendly area that we provide closer to the stage, towards the rear of the crowd, for parental viewing convenience. Please keep in mind this area is designed for smaller children with smaller equipment (bigger kids should play on the main playground instead). However, this area also offers several activities and workshops, including face painting, various arts and supplies, costume making, take home crafts and much more OPEN TO ALL AGES! We also lay fresh beach-like sand at the mainstage for the kids to play in ALL DAY LONG! PLEASE KEEP IN MIND ALL KIDS UNDER 18 MUST BE SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES!!!

What's up with the parade?
The parade is a long-standing tradition at Sleepy Creek. At each festival we invite the crowd (both kids & adults) to march with us in a short parade around the venue. Costumes are optional, but absolutely encouraged! If you can't bring your own, a costume making workshop will be held in the kids area in the afternoon. The parade itself will take place in the early evening and led by a marching band that meets at the bonfire near the mainstage (additional instruments also encouraged)! This tradition has become one of the most memorable experiences of each and every fest! A large group photo usually follows, so please dress to impress and have some fun! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! 

Will there be bathrooms/showers/porto-johns?
Unfortunately we do not offer bath houses or showers at Sleepy Creek. We do promise to have plenty of clean porto-johns spread throughout the campground and stage area during the events. PLEASE DO NOT USE THOSE MARKED AS PRIVATE! And once again, PLEASE, do not trespass on private lots (including any private porto-johns)!

Will there be food and beverage?
Yes. We will have several food vendors offering many different varieties, including vegetarian options, and yes, coffee too! If you wish to vend, please refer to our contact page!

Will there be alcohol for sale?
No. All events at Sleepy Creek are BYOB. However, over consumption and underage drinking WILL NOT be tolerated.

Will there be arts and crafts?
Yes. We will have plenty of shopping opportunities from all types of fun and creative crafts vendors. If you wish to vend, please refer to our contact page!

Do you allow unauthorized vending?
No. You MUST have a vendor permit in order to vend at Sleepy Creek. Illegal vending will not be tolerated. It's only fair to those who paid for the privilege. If you wish to vend, please refer to our contact page!

How do I get to the River/Creek?
The river runs parallel to the campground, with the creek running into it. We have no lifeguards on duty. Utilize the water AT YOUR OWN RISK. It is also up to you to take ANY AND ALL safety precautions. Finally, you must abide by ALL federal and/or state laws in regards to the River and/or Creek. Maryland patrols the River. West Virginia governs the Creek. AGAIN, do not trespass on private lots, and use the waterways AT YOUR OWN RISK ONLY!!

Do you rent boats or kayaks?
We do not offer any kind of boat rentals at Sleepy Creek. You are free to bring your own. But it will be AT YOUR OWN RISK ONLY!

Can we build fires?
Fires are permitted with a proper fire ring and possession of a working fire extinguisher. The venue will also host a bonfire of it's own near the stage to help keep ya warm to the music! Wood is sometimes available, but if you can bring your own, you are free to do so. 

Do you have tap water available?
Yes. We have a water pump located near the playground. It is free to use at any time, however, you may wanna bring your own drinking water. 

What should I bring?
When packing for an event at Sleepy Creek you should pack as if you were going camping. Our events are all situated outdoors with no escape from the elements, which at times includes very wet weather. It is up to you to plan accordingly. Bring what you need to stay comfortable. RAIN BOOTS CAN BE KEY IN THE RAIN!

What should I NOT bring?
NO FIREWORKS, no illegal substances, no weapons or firearms, no bad attitudes! If so, you will be removed from the festival! 

When do the gates open/can I arrive early?
Gates always open at 8am the day of a festival. In the event that early arrival is offered, arrival time will begin after 4pm the day before the event (see event for additional charge). Please do not arrive before the gates open. 

Where do I get tickets?
You can buy tickets online or in person at Sleepy Creek on the Potomac. We also have many crew members out and about with tickets on hand at all times. To purchase online click HERE. To purchase in person, please call ahead before arriving, or find one of our crew members at a regional show. 

Will there be day passes sold?
Single day passes are usually offered for Saturday at most of our multi-day festivals. No other single day options exist. Camping and parking are complimentary with all tickets! 

Is there late night music?
Yes. We have a Late Night Bonfire Stage that goes after the Main Stage closes. Additional late night music is provided by you around the bonfire and throughout the campground. We encourage you to bring your instruments for campfire jams and more. Please refrain from plugged in or canned music after 1am, and please respect others quiet time when asked. 

What's the deal with the train?
The train is a part of the Sleepy Creek experience. It does go by often, including at night. If you are bothered by trains you may want to reconsider. However, most of our guests seem to enjoy the trains, and celebrate as they go by! But please at all times, DO NOT TRESPASS ON THE TRACKS!

What's the deal with rain insurance?
We thought you'd ask. We know the rain can be fun, but at times it can make you regret spending money on that ticket. With the purchase of the optional rain insurance, if the worst is to happen, you can now at least get your money back! It's our way of easing your mind as you invest in your festival planning! 

Can I leave the campground and return?
Yes, but we recommend you don't. Re-entry is always a hassle. It is best you come prepared to stay until you are ready to go home. For some, you may wanna just move in! It happens a lot :)